Arrow keys or WASD to move. R to restart. Park your car in the green spot. 

An interactive SVG image. Uses the Snap library to organize SVG drawing. 


I started this small project in August of 2017. Back then I made bezier roads, the driving physics and the car lighting. After about a month of development I put it on hold, but with the thought of eventually going back to it. Now that I have completed my study it is time to finally finish it. Since then I've added 7 more levels, made trailers work, added different car types and added collision detection. To finish it I added a main menu, level select, a damage system with stars, and music.

Debug controls: numbers 1-8 to change level. Comma and dot to change goals within level. Z to disable GUI. X to enable dark mode. C to visualize triangulation. V to show sight lines. Some of these require restarting the level.

GenreRacing, Puzzle, Simulation
Tags2D, parking, Relaxing
Average sessionA few seconds


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great game, steering feels really nice, plus the lighting is awesome.

Very well made game. I like especially that it is easy to understand and start playing. A score could make the game more interesting. At least the level number could be shown on screen.

Thanks! I added a damage system with stars (no damage = 3 stars). And a level select menu.